Positive Lessons from SIRI

Natures Way Massage Head Therapist - Heather Donaldson Heather Donaldson, whose trademark is to go to the core of personal difficulties, is skilled, compassionate and dedicated to living and sharing holistic health. She masterfully combines modern and traditional practices of deep tissue massage and shiatsu, nutrition and stress reduction, using her gift for tuning in deeply to what each person truly needs. Heather enjoys helping others transform their mind, body and spirit to live more easefully, joyfully and peacefully. Drawn to all things “natural”, Heather personally strives to achieve an ideal balance between work and leisure, enjoying tai chi, swimming, dance and outdoor activities in the playground of the `Sea to Sky Corridor`.

Nature's Way | positive lessons My iphone robotic helper SIRI is teaching me so much and makes me laugh more than any human! I couldn’t hear her and asked through my headset: What’s wrong SIRI? She replied: “I always look on the bright side of life. I just wish I could whistle.” It didn’t solve my problem immediately but it shifted my anxiety about it for sure.