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While positive shifts can happen with tapping on your own or following a general script, like the ones you see when you click on the icons below, deeper and enduring results come from personalized sessions with a trained RootsEFT practitioner. If this is your first time to try tapping, then scroll down to instructions before opening the tapping scripts.

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT, often known as Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique, is a well-known healing tool with impressive results for physical, emotional, and performance issues.


EFT motto is:
Try it on anything. Most commonly, it is used and proven to be effective for reducing anxiety, overwhelm, depression and tendency towards emotional eating.

Heather’s results with hundreds of clients show 80 percent or greater reduction in stress on first session, in 80 percent of cases, based on the clients’ own ratings of emotional intensity.   These results are exceptional!

About your EFT Practitioner and Intimacy Coach

Heather Donaldson has a unique and diverse expertise in helping others to live more easefully, joyfully, and peacefully. Sometimes working from international hotspots, she currently connects mostly online. As a knowledgeable, skilled, credentialed, and successful practitioner, Heather has trained and helped hundreds of clients with RootsEFT, with consistent outstanding results. She has appeared on podcasts and radio shows, hosted live weekend retreats and written about the science and art of love.

Heather’s Story

While running a professional shiatsu and massage therapist business, she created  the unique RootsEFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to transform  her clients’ “inner gardens”.  Working with the popular RootsEFT technique in coaching sessions or as an add-on to massages,  Heather has a gift for tuning in deeply to what each person truly needs. Over the past decade, inspired by her own life experience, she has developed a specialty for guiding men and women to create more intimacy in their lives.   

The approach is always towards alleviating stress and then building on skills needed to nurture epic relationships.Watch for new online courses and retreats with enjoyable tools to guide people like you safely onwards to epic love relationships.

On the same topic, she published a book, How to Grow a Beautiful Relationship. Her latest, a true ‘labor of love’ birthed during the pandemic, Love is the Way programs are designed specifically for mature, single, holistic wellness-minded women who have loved, lost and are now ready to change patterns of the past and finally experience the ‘love of their life’.
Watch for new online courses and retreats with enjoyable tools to guide people like you safely onwards to epic love relationships

Using RootsEFT and other recent developments, Relationship and Trained EFT Practitioner Heather will explore the science and art of love with you.

See more on the LOVE IS THE WAY page

Or start now with relationshipowerbreakthrough session for: “The 1-2-3 steps of creating or refreshing a fulfilling and enduring relationship ”

When we dare to be more vulnerable and open and honest, we are forging new territory (Terry Real, Fierce Intimacy)


Customers Say

2019 Ultra athlete – seen before his event and left this report

“Thank you so much for the massage you gave me. I had the race today and did exceptionally well! Thanks to the tapping you did, I shot 90%/ my best race of the season. I won by 4 minutes. It was amazing! Thanks so much for your help. I feel 120%!”

Client diagnosed with PTSD

“It is really helping me. I haven’t had the nightmares return since we tapped on them. At first I was skeptical about the tapping but then I actually found it quite calming.”

“I appreciated the deep work and really made a difference in how I felt about my family feuding.That released a weight from my shoulders for sure.”

“After just one EFT session…and in one case, after only a few minutes, several clients said: I felt lighter and happier for days afterwards . It really helped me. I’ve been using it on my own and shifting out of difficult emotional times”

“I am so grateful for your help and support in releasing those emotions and beliefs. I could really feel the energy moving in my body during and immediately after the ‘session’ and feel so much lighter as a result! Thanks so much for creating that opportunity and sharing your gift.”

“I left feeling empowered, in more control and with less pain, both physical and emotional. I also am leaving feeling more connected, grounded…and convinced!”

“I am more calm now and more myself. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I realized I am creating these thoughts and fears. I need EFT for life!”


  • It’s Simple.
  • You can do it anywhere and anytime.
  • Quicker, more complete improvements than common methods of dealing with these issues and the results are permanent, regardless of how long you’ve had the issue.
  • You can do a lot on your own, plus you can access sessions on-line, on the phone or in-person with a certified EFT Practitioner who will guide you gently through your deepest, underlying core issues.
  • First aid for personal use. For example:
  • When you get upset and you really can’t afford to be upset.
  • When you want to calm down before you say something to your partner or your employee that will mean big trouble later.
  • When you have a food you crave in front of you but you really don’t want to eat it.
  • When you are about to do something scary like speaking in public.
  • When your child or pet is very upset.

Sessions are conducted as counseling sessions would be and begin with a relaxing and grounding exercise. Whatever is most disturbing is addressed first. You are led by your practitioner with you following and adding or changing as necessary. This two-way process continues until the intensity is low or a new aspect comes up with higher intensity. Each session ends with you in a calm and stable state. We give you guidelines to use to reinforce the progress made and to keep benefitting more and more by transforming your life in a positive direction with EFT.

This self-development and transformation program is specifically designed to build confidence and create beautiful relationships –attracting, dating, developing, even finishing and preparing for the next if required. The number of sessions varies depending on goals. Sessions are individualized but also offered as a 4 week group series (3 hours per week) Couples sessions can be included after initial individual sessions.

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