Everyone likes that special touch and you can make your massage an extra special experience by enjoying our soothing extras. Enjoy hot stones, aromatherapy and reflexology. Simply mention which extra you would like when you make your massage booking.

Best Choice Add-on: Emotional Freedom Technique also known as ‘tapping’

Emotional Freedom Technique

Gently guiding you to go deeper, to the roots of your muscle tension, so you can clear away what no longer serves. RootsEFT is an amazing technique proven to be effective for relationship stress, loss….much more.Please note: this add-on costs $55 ($125 without a massage)For more information click here for our EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique services.

Hot Stones

Melt away stress with this incredible treatment, perfect for apres-ski or whenever the deepest relaxation is desired. The massage is enhanced by the heated basalt stones, which comes from the energetic core of the earth.These stones hold heat well, of course, and are sure to affect your own energetic system as they are placed on meridians and energy centres of your body. Through the course of this heavenly massage, the warmed stones are applied to your tired, aching muscles, using soothing strokes with massage oil. The smallest stones are even placed between your toes!Just $25 with your massage.

Aromatherapy Massage oils

Essential oils are delightful, all-natural therapy as they absorb into your circulation. Not only are they a pleasing “scent-sation”, but they also cross to your brain to enhance your mood! Just mention the effects you prefer: uplifting, stimulating, arousing, calming, grounding… It’s your choice. $10 will be subtracted from your total if you opt out of the use of essential oils.

Reflexology Feet Treats

Begins with luxurious soaking in warm, nourishing, fragrant, and frothy foot bath. Gentle scrubbing and exfoliating is followed by an inconceivably relaxing foot and lower leg massage using luscious, moisturizing rosemary-mint cream while pressing gently on magical release points.Reflex points in the feet are stimulated, bringing balance and relaxation to the entire body.This is a perfect choice for your party, along with chair massage and mini-facials.Just $25 with your massage.

Rejuvenating Mini facial

This ultra-relaxing and pampering add-on can also be a stand-alone; Beginning with a lavender steam, gentle cleansing and exfoliation, you begin to drift….while the products take action, the massaging of neck, shoulders, arms, hands and feet continue to enhance your relaxing journey. All products are generally from natural sources, with some products containing specialized ingredients if desired for firming and abating the appearance of fine lines. A naturally exfoliating, detoxifying, and moisturizing facial mask replenishes the skin. Stimulating key pressure points relaxes facial muscles and balances meridians. Finally, smooth strokes with Nature’s Way’s own elixir of nutritive and rejuvenating oils (jojoba, apricot kernal, grapeseed, evening primrose, vitamin E, chamomile and more) will vanquish stress and soothe overworked jaw muscles during a facial massage. Guaranteed to give you a more youthful glow.Please note this 30-minute add-on costs $60 (or $80 for 45 min without a massage)