How a chair massage can enhance your life

If you’re ever having guests over for a party or are in charge of an  office event or  hosting a family reunion, there is no better way to show appreciation than by offering chair massages. 
Chair massages are well suited to groups of four or more; Because the sessions are short, they are a Popular choice for family, corporate and social events

Popular choices for chair massages

Corporate events

Baby Showers

Family Gatherings

Employee Appreciation

Birthday Party

Social Gathering


There’s no better time than now to bring joy, relaxation, and fun

to all the people that you can’t wait to show appreciation to!

A chair massage can do the following:

✔ Reduce stress for your group/team/friends

✔ Create an exciting buzz

✔ Increase everyone’s sense of wellbeing

✔ Reduce neck, back, and shoulder pains

✔ Promote a sense of community

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easy 3-step process to begin

Step 1: Choose a Date

1-time staff appreciation or wellness event OR make it monthly visit.

Step 2: Circulate Sign-up Sheet

A sign-up sheet circulated beforehand helps the event to go smoothly.

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Step 3: Tell Us Where

Tell us where and we’ll be there

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