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Head Therapist Heather Donaldson began as a Registered Shiatsu Therapist and developed a unique and diverse holistic practice with degrees and certificates in education, health promotion, nutrition, massage, shiatsu, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), counselling and tai chi. 

Heather’s personal vision is to connect deeply and powerfully with clients, and to heal through holistic and natural ways. 

Heather recently expanded the Nature’s Way Holistic Health practice to include additional holistic practitioners.


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"I've had massages all over the world and I have to tell you that was the best and most amazing massage I've ever had. You listened to my needs and gave me exactly what I needed."

Dorothy Smith

Physiotherapist from L.A.

Sore shoulders, chair massage hit the spot. Thanks!

Lorry Melon

Heather-Lee introduced EFT and has been also very kind by offering me some demonstration of the technique of tapping combined with the massage. It was very interesting and helped to release some of my stress. I would definitely recommend Heather-Lee!

Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 8.49.09 PM

Maria-Laura Tallerini

Had a couple's massage at a suite in the sandman. Very friendly and accommodating

Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 8.41.38 PM

Katie Burkarde

Excellent service. Highest quality. Heather's experience is obvious with her ability to target the areas that need the attention.

Scott W. Todd

A couples massage in the comfort of our own hotel room after a week of skiing was truly a treat. Heather was able to provide my wife with excellent relief from some chronically tight muscles, and Filip found and corrected a number of spots on my body that I didn't even realize needed attention. His integration of stretching and some active work truly enhanced the experience.

Jeff Harband

Heather gave me a shiatsu massage at my home in Vancouver. I was a bit nervous as I have a history of sports and work injuries and had an idea of shiatsu as involving twisting and application of force. Heather understood my concerns and was very careful and gentle. She worked me over in ways that can only happen when you relax and put yourself in capable hands. I felt loose and free of chronic tension and pain for days after the treatment. I'd highly recommend a session with Heather to anyone who asked!

Kris Obertas

She helped me drill down to the roots of my issue much faster than I could've myself and her compassionate service was very appreciated!

Claire Lindsay


1 hour | $120  10% OFF – $108 for the month of February

Whether joined by a friend or a partner, the two of you emerge from your massage and savour the bliss together.

Enjoy the in-home couples massage as a date night in. Put the children to bed, turn down the lights and we transform your living room with the look, tunes, aromas and sensations of a luxury spa.

Or you could enjoy a luxurious hotel massage room, where you’ll be indulged in a deeply rejuvenating massage experience, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.

As a bonus, our couples massage package includes luxurious add-ons that can be used during your massage or taken home as a gift.

These include:

  •  Massage essential oil blend
  • EFT stress reliever
  • Hot Stone Add-on
  • Love Formula1 roll-on scent

Add-ons Explained

For your couples massage, you can either get a complimentary gift (a massage oil of your choice) that you can then give as a gift to a loved one, or use that gift right in your couples massage experience with our selection of luxurious add-ons. Choose from 5 options, each designed to relax and rejuvenate during your massage. These add-ons make great gifts, and if chosen as such, will be presented in a convenient and elegant package. One add-on is included at no extra charge.

Massage essential blend: a specially formulated blend of oils, made from a combination of pure essential oils, that are used during massage to enhance the overall experience. Each blend is tailored to target specific needs, such as relaxation, stress relief, or pain management. These blends are all natural and made with pure essential oils, adding a soothing aroma and therapeutic benefits to your massage experience. It’s a perfect add-on to our massage services.

EFT stress reliever: EFT, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique, is a powerful therapy that helps to release negative emotions and traumatic memories. It involves tapping on specific acupuncture points on the body while focusing on a specific issue. It’s a non-invasive and easy self-help tool that can reduce stress, anxiety and pain, improve self-esteem and relationships and overall well-being. It’s a natural, drug-free method that can be used to improve physical and emotional health. Available as an add-on to our massage services. Try it and see how it can improve your life.

Hot Stones add-on: the warmth of the stones helps to ease muscle tension and improve circulation. Smooth, heated stones to relax tight muscles, and promote deep relaxation. The heat from the stones helps to warm up the muscles, making them more pliable and easier to work on. It’s a perfect add-on to our massage services, and it can be used to target specific areas of pain, tension or stress. It’s a relaxing and therapeutic experience that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Indulge in the ultimate gift of love with our Love Formula 1 massage blend oil. This luxurious blend of essential oils is specially formulated to enhance your massage experience and create a sensual and relaxing atmosphere. Perfect as a gift for your loved one, it promotes feelings of love and connection while providing therapeutic benefits for the body and mind. Elegant packaging makes it easy to give as a gift.

Additional Info

Each therapist will charge additional $15 for the home visit.

Gratuities, usually ranging 15-20-% are optional.

GST will be charged.