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Philosophy & Code

We help others experience the balance, vitality, strength and joy that come from integrating the mind, body and spirit in a state of optimum health. Treatments offered by Nature’s Way: shiatsu, aromatherapy, massage and EFT (emotional freedom technique) all affect the body’s innate energy system and restore natural balance. This is an approach which is different than the current mainstream therapies but is as old as humankind and is coming back into our awareness, combining eastern and western ideologies. Consequently, more people are choosing to re-program themselves back to their true selves. Take a look at our poster we created: 100+ ways to “re-“ and you will get the idea. We provide exceptional services, the highest ethical practices and a guarantee of confidentiality.

Focused on your needs

Our team of professionally trained and caring therapists provides unique, customized treatments. Clients appreciate these as well as the flexibility in our scheduling. Our mobile registered therapists and holistic practitioners are available when you are ready to receive.

Value for you

We assure that you will benefit from our work on the muscle, soft tissue and energy systems of the body. Massage and shiatsu techniques, with accompanying passive stretches can actually re-educate and re-program your mind-body to prevent imbalances from re-occurring, by moving more freely and maintaining optimal postures. EFT re-programs the mind-body in more profound ways, which address underlying emotions and limiting beliefs.

Deeper massage techniques can be helpful in treating muscle injuries such as strains, sprains or stiffness by increasing blood and oxygen flow to the tissue, reducing fluid build-up and decreasing healing time. Achieving a state of profound relaxation alone can do wonders for releasing, refocusing, repairing and revitalizing. You will re-emerge, feeling like a new person!

Our Associates:

We are:

inspired and passionate healers devoted to cultivating balance both within themselves and their clients.

We find ourselves in this magnificent Sea to Sky Corridor because we share an appreciation of the abundant beauty found here and enjoy the numerous outdoor activities that this area is known for.

experienced certified professionals, committed to continued education, combining eastern traditional modalities with techniques from modern science

detail-oriented in caring for your issues and also offer specifics of how small changes in lifestyle or daily routine modifications can create significant benefits in your life.

Additional seasonal associates not listed here.