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We come to you

At your homeAt our house massages

Home is where you can relax the most. Prolonging that blissful feeling and your recovery process is the benefit when you don’t need to go anywhere after your massage.

At your hotelAt your hotel massages

Natures Way Mobile Massages Video

Book ahead or ask your front desk agent to arrange it so your mobile spa will arrive when you need it in your room. Once you’ve experienced this convenient option and prolonged après-massage bliss, there’s no turning back.

At your workplaceAt your work place massages

A few moments in our hands and you, your staff, clients, or guests will have their stress whisked away.

It is proven that people receiving regular massages have dramatically reduced workplace injuries and reduced stress. Less stress means a better all-around working environment, with a healthier, happier, more productive team.
See “Stress-Buster Chair Massage” description below.

At your eventAt your event massages

Whether to offer immediate relief after sports, or for a truly memorable addition to your pre-wedding party or business event, our mobile massage services will be well-appreciated.

Squamish StudioSquamish massages

If you can’t find the peace you need at your place, a quiet studio nestled in the woods of Squamish provides the solace you seek. Call us for directions…

Our Treatments

Our offerings include various types of massage and enhancements: rejuvenating facials, take-home aromatherapy blends, herbal thai compress, hot lava stones, feet treats and reflexology.
We treat you with the best all-natural products including 100% pure essential oils, hypo-allergenic massage oils and natural fibre sheets. To complete this ultimate experience, we create an atmosphere with the same scents, sounds and sensations you would find in the most luxurious of spas.

Our Prices

All of the listed treatments range from $80 to $115 per hour and from $105 to $135 for a 90 minute full treatment. Taxes are included.The variations are by location and time of year. An exception to these costs is the workplace chair massages: $20 each or $50 hourly fee with 2-3 treatments per hour. Further local discounts are available and Squamish studio rates are always lower. A $10 fee is charged for each visit to your home or hotel.

The main event


…covers head to toe therapy, relaxation and pampering all in one, leaving you truly transformed. Both shiatsu and Swedish massage are incorporated in the basic treatment. 90 minutes includes steam compress, customized essential oil
facial blend and specialized work in torso area or other areas where you require attention. At no extra charge you personalize your massage-shiatsu combo with any one or more of the following:
The use and blending of undiluted, pure essential oils extracted from specific aromatic plants in order to promote healing  has existed for at least 6,000 years.

The healing molecules pass through the blood to tissues and the brain, improving immune function and, according to recent scientific evidence, have significant effects on moods. The client and therapist consult to arrive at a blend with the appropriate essential oils to achieve a desired effect, whether that be calming, energizing or balancing.

At our house massagesAt your hotel massagesAt your event massagesSquamish massages
Our sports massage is adapted to meet the needs of the person doing the athletic activity. It differs depending on the clients condition, type of activity and whether it is for conditioning just before activity, for maintenance between workouts or recovery just after activity. Specialized techniques help to remove toxins, stretch muscles and break down scar tissue.

Benefits include injury prevention, pain reduction, speeding muscle recovery and circulation. As with all massage, sports massage promotes relaxation and therapeutic effects on all systems of the body.

At our house massagesAt your hotel massagesAt your event massagesSquamish massages
Deep tissue techniques are used to release chronic muscle tension through slower strokes and more direct deep pressure. The purpose is to “unstick” the fibers of a muscle while releasing deeply-held patterns of tension, removing toxins, while relaxing and soothing the muscle. It is important to drink water after the treatment to flush out toxins.

At our house massagesAt your hotel massagesAt your event massagesSquamish massages
When older persons are experiencing changes in their bodies which may be keeping them closer to home, a caring massage at home may be the lift they need for body, mind and soul.

This specialty of Nature’s Way Mobile Massage & Shiatsu is a positive approach, celebrating life, while receiving relief and comfort during later stages of life. Specialty training in geriatric and palliative care assures your competent care no matter what conditions are being experienced.

At our house massagesAt your hotel massagesAt your event massagesSquamish massages
…is one of our most popular requests. Whether joined by a friend or partner, the two of you emerge from your massage and savor the bliss together. What’s more, this choice means a price discount so you actually get more for less.

At our house massagesAt your hotel massagesSquamish massages

Date Night In: Here’s a brilliant idea: Put the children to bed, turn down the lights and we transform your living room with the look, tunes, aromas and sensations of a luxury spa. Experience the ultimate in relaxation getaways without the fuss, time and expense of flying away.

Drift off into a state of bliss. Top it off by sharing a meal delivered by your favorite restaurant and your perfect date night is complete!

NB We also offer prenatal massage.

Is it a special day or would you like it to be?

….Add even greater health-enhancing value to your massage with these choices available for only $20 each:

Melt away stress with this incredible treatment, perfect for après-ski or whenever the deepest relaxation is desired. The massage is enhanced by the heated basalt stones, which comes from the energetic core of the earth.

These stones hold heat well, of course, and are sure to affect your own energetic system as they are placed on meridians and energy centres of your body. Through the course of this heavenly massage, the warmed stones are applied to your tired, aching muscles, using soothing strokes with massage oil. The smallest stones are even placed between your toes!

Squamish massages
The traditional Thai Herbal Compress is a heated compress with aromatic and detoxifying medicinal herbs used since ancient times. While the client is on massage table, the compress is applied with a distinctive kneading action as a complement to a traditional Thai massage. Thai massage techniques are, similar to shiatsu (see below) but with additional stretching to release tight joints and muscles, increase range of motion, and further reduce stress. Practitioners position the body into yoga-like poses and gently rock the body to more deeply open joints .

The steam releases the healing properties of the herbs, which are absorbed through the skin, improving blood circulation and providing a healing, refreshing, revitalizing and rejuvenating experience.

At our house massagesAt your hotel massagesSquamish massages
Reflexology is an ancient Chinese technique that uses pressure-point massage, usually on the feet which are energetically connected to all parts of the body. Reflex points in the feet are stimulated, bringing balance and relaxation to the entire body.

At our house massagesAt your hotel massagesAt your event massagesSquamish massages
Begins with luxurious soaking in warm mocha, berry or minty frothy foot bath. Gentle scrubbing and exfoliating is followed by an inconceivably relaxing foot and lower leg massage.

This involves rubbing the feet with luscious, moisturizing rosemary-mint cream while pressing gently on magical release points.

At our house massagesAt your hotel massagesAt your event massagesSquamish massages
The aromatherapy doesn’t have to end with the massage.

Based on prior consultation, your therapist will develop your personalized customized blend of 100% pure essential oils providing olfactory pleasure without allergens or unnatural chemicals.

Just mention the effects you prefer: uplifting, stimulating, arousing, calming, grounding…it’s your choice.

At our house massagesAt your hotel massagesAt your event massagesAt your work place massagesSquamish massages
Please note this add-on costs $35 (or $55 without a massage)
This ultra-relaxing and pampering add-on can also be a stand-alone; Beginning with a lavender steam, gentle cleansing and exfoliation, you begin to drift….while the products take action, the massaging of neck, shoulders, arms, hands and feet continue to enhance your relaxing journey. All products are generally from natural sources, with some products containing specialized ingredients if desired for firming and abating the appearance of fine lines.

A European clay mask rids skin of excess oils, dirt, and toxins, while a hydrating mask replenishes the skin. Stimulating key pressure points relaxes facial muscles and balances meridians. Finally, smooth strokes with Nature’s Way’s own elixir of nutritive and rejuvenating oils (jojoba, apricot kernal, grapeseed, evening primrose, vitamin E, chamomile and more) will vanquish stress and soothe overworked jaw muscles during a facial massage. Guaranteed to give you a more youthful glow.

At our house massagesAt your hotel massagesAt your event massagesSquamish massages

SHIATSUAt our house massagesAt your hotel massagesAt your event massagesSquamish massages

Translated from Japanese, the word Shiatsu (she-’at-soo) means finger pressure. The Zen shiatsu we offer is like a massage version of acupuncture, without the needles. The oils and stroking movements of massage are replaced by gentle stretching and deep pressure covering both broad areas and specific points along defined lines or meridians. These movements promote free flow of Qi or energy.
We recommend you wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing and you will be lying on a futon on the floor (although a massage table is always an option). A skilled therapist works with the body’s signals and adjusts a treatment accordingly. The treatment leaves one feeling profoundly relaxed, in “balance” and with less tightness and pain.

Learn More About Shiatsu...

Where did it come from?

It’s based on more than 3500 years of Asian medicine and knowledge. The Chinese type massage made its way to Japan and was developed there along with western medicine in this last century. Now it is practiced throughout the world. It focuses on the body’s physical, emotional and energy systems. The concept of balance derives from traditional oriental healing principles.

The treatment attempts to balance opposing yin and yang qualities such as hot/cold and excess/deficient. While the shiatsu I do embraces the oriental notion is of mind+body as one, I also take into account the more Western concepts of anatomy, physiology and pathology. So really it’s about: East meets west.

How is it done?

The nice thing about shiatsu is that both the therapist and the receiver are in a relaxed state. I simply align my body to apply perpendicular pressure, using my own body weight. I can work with you on a massage table, but this is not as effective or as comfortable for my body. I am penetrating but not really pressing.  It is a two way connection: as you feel the gentle pressure, you relax and support my weight.

As I am going through the layers and feeling how you respond, I adjust my pressure accordingly. This is something that one of those  massaging chairs can’t do. I begin with broader palms and then work up to using more focused thumb pressure following the meridians and  correcting  imbalances. Sometimes I use my knees, elbows or even my feet to apply pressure.

Is it covered by insurance?

Some extended health insurance covers shiatsu but companies are covering less these days.  Because shiatsu therapy seems to be as effective and in some cases more effective than massage therapy, associations representing shiatsu practitioners are constantly lobbying for more insurance companies to cover it. Some of my clients have received both registered massage therapy and registered shiatsu therapy  and they find the shiatsu treatment is deeper,  more relaxing and longer-lasting.

Does it hurt?

You will feel an awareness of your tightness and soreness as I work, but in the process you will feel releasing and easing of the pressure . It should always be a good sensation and never continue in a way that makes you flinch or feel very uncomfortable in any way.

What health problems can it help with?

First it can help prevent problems. Regular shiatsu can keep you in balance so you don’t break down, injure yourself or get sick. However, many people who have developed conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, stress or exercise related muscle tension, headaches, emotional problems and  respiratory or digestive problems experience significant benefits from  shiatsu treatments.

Stress-Buster CHAIR MASSAGEAt your event massagesAt your work place massages

Whether replacing a break at work or impressing your guests at a social event, 15-20 minute on-site chair massage/shiatsu will be popular. The revitalizing treatment is done through clothing while sitting face-forward, fully supported in the massage chair. This allows every part of the body to relax while relieving tension in the neck, back and shoulder muscles.
At your pre-wedding, office or après sport social event, the chair massage can be one among other options for bringing relaxation to you. Ladies may enjoy feet treats while they sip on wine or rejuvenating their skin with mini-facials (see below) Athletes may prefer sports treatments on a massage table.