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EFT anytime, anywhere

On the massage side of things, the current focus for 2016 is on mobile service to residences and workplaces in Squamish. This will be expanding to meet the growing need.

On the EFT front, after much development, I hope you will now enjoy our unique RootsEFT program.

I hate seeing couples struggling to connect and get along or individuals struggling with finding a partner. I love to guide people to creating the fulfilling relationships of their dreams. Wintertime is the perfect time to go inward.  Try a one-to-one or couples session of RootsEFT. If that sounds stressful, maybe book a massage for yourself or a couple’s massage beforehand. Watch for new group sessions coming up in Spring 2016. They should show up first on Nature’s Way Holistic Health Facebook page.

RootsEFT memberships include regular email tips, membership area online to sharing support, discussions among participants and access to direct coaching from Heather Donaldson as well as discounts on intensive on-line  courses available following the seminar weekend.

Her book ‘How to Grow  a Beautiful Relationship’ is now available through Amazon.

Free  30-min discovery sessions can give you a RootsEFT Relationship Tune-up. Click on  the EFT tab of this site for information and links :-)

OLDER: I’m happy to be hosting exciting Fall 2015 group events in Vancouver. Use the links to sign up and hope to see you there…



Nature’s Way Scrabble Challenge

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Nature’s Way Scrabble Challenge

I just love playing with words and scrabble is my favorite board game. So it took me no time to come up with 107 words beginning with Re  to describe the benefits of the services provided by Nature’s Way Holistic Health (mobile massage, shiatsu and Emotional FreedomTechnique)  I recruited local artist Laurel Terlesky to create a design with the colors of the chakras and put it all together in the poster you see here. Have a look (words in alphabetical order) and here’s a challenge: Find a re-word not appearing on the poster and explain how it relates to my offerings.  You can this website as a reference.

If you are successful, you win the prize (choice of a complete EFT session valued at $125, chair massage at the summer Farmer’s Market  or massage add-on including  warm lava stones or thai herbal compress with its detoxing effect)

Good luck with the challenge. If you win, maybe you’d also like to play a game of scrabble with me!

Cleansing for spring

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Cleansing for spring

I never have been a “faster”.  I like food too much for that and since there is lots of it around, why not eat it?  As for the idea of cleansing, I relied on my body’s natural ability for  that….until   I found out that I could do a kind of cleanse which allows for regular meals, while adding some convenient nutrition with shakes.  The company is Isagenix; They  have a good record for their nutritional research and use of organic non-GMO products. Since I could use a bit of “cleansing and shedding’ this spring, as well as saving a bit of time spent on preparing meals, I was up for this.  At mid-way, I noticed it helped me to eat less sugar which I didn’t need.   I knew if I had a craving I could use that script I put on the website here for tapping it away, using EFT.  But the system is so well formulated, there is a built-in control for the sugar cravings. I made  the shakes more exciting by adding a little frozen fruit and everything  tasted ok, even mildly pleasant, so I was  able to stick with it mostly.

at the end of the 30 days…..

I would recommend this plan for people like me who want an occasional break for their system, from the time-consuming cooking and from less than ideal habits (and weight) which have accumulated, andto  really get them back on track with some easy, convenient nutrition. My energy was  good and I have shed some of the winter and hormonal-driven excess. Only the first day of the cleanse was really challenging. After that, I was surprisingly free of any extreme hunger. In fact, my tummy growled less than usual. I think it was growling before because I was eating more that I really needed. I do feel and look trimmer. I did not run to the sweets I have been skipping, once I was done the 30 days, because my system has adapted.  I still have some of the shakes instead of a meal, from time to time, for convenience sake. The Isagenix formulas are really effective for providing balanced nutrition and helping to maintain those positive changes. What a discovery!


Shiatsu you / Shiatsu me

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Shiatsu you / Shiatsu me

Join Heather Donaldson teaching simple techniques you can use for yourself and give to others. No experience required.  A fun Sunday afternoon hands-on session on April 21, 2013 from 3:00-4:30  at the Yoga Studio, 37776 2nd Avenue.  By donation, with a portion of proceeds going to Howe Sound Women’s Centre Society.