Relationship joy for mature Single Women

It’s time to find the lasting, fulfilling love relationship you desire…

Find out how in the Love is the Way free
online group for mature single women

Free Breakthrough Session:

Uplevel your Love Life (online ZOOM session).

It’s time to find the lasting, fulfilling love relationship you desire…

Find out how in the Love is the Way free
online group for mature single women

Are you looking for a relationship coach for singles? Learn to love with all your heart with our expert guidance, training and support.

You may be attracting users, just-for-fun types, non-committals or maybe even zero dates.

Good news is you don’t have to give up. Instead of ‘screening out' unsuitable matches, if you focus on 'attracting in' the suitable ones, then you don’t have to even deal with the others.

Your ideal partner is waiting for you and our programs will help you to attract him, and create a deep, thriving love relationship.

Let’s Begin: Book a 30 minute online or in-person breakthrough session which guides you through initial steps of creating or refreshing a fulfilling and enduring relationship

The unique technique used in all Love Is The Way programs is RootsEFT (adapted version of Emotional Freedom Technique or ‘Tapping’)


If you are not familiar with EFT tapping or need a review, here are some quick ideas:

  • Watch the videos seen here, to look at the science and how-to of tapping
  • If you like, review the Tapping Guide (TIP: tapping points diagram)
  • Try a tapping script Heather wrote for resentment or disappointment with a partner’s behavior.


Call Heather or use contact form for anything about tapping and the other elements of the Love Is the Way coaching and experiential programs.

Your relationship coach Heather – Lee Donaldson wants to see you “get out of life, love and relationships the very best you can imagine—to be cherished, understood and supported, to have fun and relaxed enjoyment as you do with a best friend, to be able to trust in your partner’s devotion, to be able to continue growing together and strengthening your love bond. Now, more than ever, is the time for evolved love.
”Heather has a unique and diverse training and expertise in helping others, to live more easefully, joyfully and peacefully. While running a massage therapist business, she created the unique RootsEFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to transform her clients’ “inner gardens” and applied this as she expanded to become a professional dating coach. Working with the popular EFT technique in coaching sessions or as an add-on to massages, she has a gift for tuning in deeply to what each person truly needs. Over the past decade, she has developed a specialty for guiding men and women to create more intimacy in their lives, beginning with the alleviating stress and then building on skills needed to nurture epic relationships. Her latest Love is the Way programs are designed specifically for mature, single, holistic wellness-minded women who have loved & lost and are now ready to change patterns of the past and finally experience the ‘love of their life’.

As an author and mentor, she has been a guest on podcasts and radio shows, published articles and the guide: “How to Grow a Beautiful Relationship” which has a useful nugget inside for virtually anyone. “Unless we identify and clear out some of these ‘weeds’, we cannot hope to cultivate the beautiful and lasting relationship garden we desire.” GET THE GUIDE NOW!!

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