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Planning stages of my work-travel round-the-world trip

I am in the beginning in the fall of 2015 (maybe!)  and probably taking two years. I’m working on a detailed route for only the first half now; plane tickets are only issued one year in advance. On my list of top countries to visit are: Mexico, Spain, Italy, France, Costa Rica, Argentina, Columbia, Peru, Australia and Thailand.

These are places where I have contacts through the Taoist Tai Chi Society and friends. Also many of these are countries where I can speak the native French and Spanish languages and where my English tutoring skills will be useful. As well I am giving preference to places where I might be most likely to manage trading massages for room and board. There were many deterrents to planning such an elaborate trip before, but after some scrutiny I discovered that those “why nots“ were really all in my head. Sure, I`m not twenty any more but I’m healthy, unattached and multi-skilled. I can’t afford to “just travel” (without having to earn some as I go) at this point and if I wait until I can, then I may indeed be prevented by more substantial “why nots” that arise. So the planning has begun and this is one of the most exciting parts because there are no glitches, just wonderful discoveries and dreaming.

I Google travel sites and email contacts, letting them know my plans and finding out what I need to know about countries I decide to visit. It’s creating a new life, actually, which I can choose to somehow continue four years from now or return to my life in Squamish. Besides the research, I’ll be doing a lot of weeding out and selling off things. Also on the agenda over the next two years is paying off my debts so I won’t have to carry those around with me. My new practice of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) should help with that and I will be doing that via SKYPE as I travel as well, in order to bring in some income.

Any suggestions just email me por favor, s’il vous plait and please hdonald4@gmail.com .

Entry on June 25,2012: Had a brainstorm about raising at least $3000 towards the work/travel venture by organizing several EFT training sessions in Squamish and Vancouver over the next year, having a garage sale and asking for donations on Facebook page.

Haha it is now two years later…life goes on and I’m evidently not a consistent blogger. But I am staying on this path to trek around this lovely globe of ours. Slight delay with cash flow means the travel date pushed ahead again.Plans continue with ideas for earning, growing global contacts, Spanish speaking training and preparation of seminar content to take with me along the way. All is focused on nurturing close, intimate relationships with self and others.  I am still asking the universe for $3000 for the trip but my call must have been confusing because the $3000 went in the wrong direction…towards ICBC in fact as a surcharge for my rushed trips to Vancouver and Whistler to do mobile massages and tai chi classes (how ironic is that!)  And yes there is a strong message there. I’m getting it. My dream is still alive. Onwards I go…