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Empowering you to be healthy naturally

Nature’s Way Holistic Health brings more balance, vitality, strength, and joy into your life at the location most convenient for you. For greatest effects and best value, clients are encouraged to address the inner (Emotional Freedom Technique) and outer (Massage and Shiatsu) in a combination treatment.

We focus on the innate energy systems of the mind and body in order to restore natural balance. We become a trusted partner and guide for our clients as they find a personal holistic and natural path to health. Our approach is different than mainstream therapies and draws on traditional medicine. We combine Eastern and Western techniques in innovative ways to help you re-connect with your true self.

This re-connection with who you are meant to be provides a rich range of physical and metaphysical benefits including:

  • Reduced emotional stress and anxiety.
  • Less physical pain and other physical symptoms.
  • Improved weight management, mobility and athletic performance.
  • A greater sense of peace, joy, ease, and confidence in everyday life.

This translates into noticeable improvements in other areas, such as your income and relationships. In the realm of relationships with co-workers and family members, EFT helps to make functional the new norm.

– Unique Quality Services –

We offer flexible appointments from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week, at our location or yours.
Our mobile services let you save time and reduce stress by staying in the comfort of your own space. We deliver a superior spa-like experience, enhanced by high-quality linens, heated table, and calming music. We can provide EFT sessions in-person or at a distance via telephone and Skype. Mobile and distance services eliminate the hassle and stress of getting to a clinic or spa, parking, and waiting for your appointment. Best of all, you don’t have to go back into traffic or do much at all afterwards, so you can prolong your re-balancing bliss.
ALL NATURAL We use natural therapies and products including pure, organic essential oils.
CUSTOMIZED Our team of professionally trained and caring therapists* provides treatments customized for your wellness needs.
OUR PROMISE: We will provide exceptional services, the highest ethical practices, and a guarantee of confidentiality.

Therapeutic Value for you

We assure that you will benefit from work on the muscle, soft tissue, and energy systems of your body. Massage and shiatsu techniques, along with passive stretches, re-educate and reprogram your mind-body to move more freely, maintain optimal postures, and prevent imbalances from re-occurring. Deeper massage techniques are helpful in treating muscle injuries such as strains, sprains, and stiffness by increasing blood and oxygen flow to the tissue, reducing fluid build-up, and decreasing healing time.Achieving a state of profound relaxation can do wonders for releasing, refocusing, repairing, and revitalizing. You will emerge from a massage or shiatsu session feeling like a new person! To add ongoing benefit, we will show you stretches and exercises, and provide useful tips you can use on your own to achieve relaxation.An even more profoundly transformative experience comes from separate or add-on EFT sessions.
We’ll help you identify your underlying negative emotions and limiting beliefs, then reprogram your mind-body to overcome these barriers. The new patterns result in enhanced performance so you can live with new vitality, energy, and confidence.

For women, and even some men, a significant benefit is making peace with your body. MORE about

Weight control and EFT

How women view their bodies is a huge concern in our society. Our approach aims to undo the harmful effects of being inundated with negative messages about your body. When women stop “beating themselves up” about their appearance, it gets easier for them to treat their bodies well with balanced nutrition, activity….and maybe a massage too!

EFT helps with weight control and eliminates the tendency towards “emotional eating” by clearing the emotional drivers behind it.

As a “bottom line”, making peace with yourself and your body can help you reach your goals, whether they relate to your finances, career, weight, health, or relationships.


Everyone can benefit from these holistic services. Many clients, who range from office workers to manual workers, are taxed mentally and physically and “out-of-balance”.  EFT seems to attract people who want abundant, peaceful and happy lives for themselves. Our services are aimed at helping them to reach these goals confidently.

Your Treatments:
Deep, thorough and long-lasting……

Whether you receive massage, shiatsu, EFT, or a customized combination of treatments, Nature’s Way addresses your needs as a whole person. We look at our work together as a “complete tune-up” rather than focusing on just one area.

We start where people are at physically and emotionally and work together to move you toward increased wellness.

Some clients are not ready for a “journey to the depths” and simply prefer a great relaxation massage. Eventually, with EFT, they may choose to take advantage of Heather’s unique ability to get to the core of things that are most disturbing, while having a calming effect.


This dissolves stresses of life which are underlying causes of muscle tension and pain. Clients continue to feel more peaceful, healthy and energetic with ongoing improvements in many areas of their lives. Also, by continuing to do EFT on their own, they can deal with new emotional issues which may arise, without the intervention of a coach.

Our Associates:

We find ourselves in this magnificent Sea to Sky Corridor because we share an appreciation of the abundant beauty found here and enjoy numerous outdoor activities the area is known for.

Our team of mobile registered therapists* and holistic practitioners who are available seasonally  are:

Inspired and passionate healers devoted to cultivating balance both within themselves and their clients.

Experienced certified professionals, committed to continuous education, combining Eastern traditional modalities with techniques from modern science.

Detail-oriented in caring for your issues and offering specifics of how small changes in lifestyle and daily routine can create significant benefits in your life.

On-call  Registered Massage Therapists may be available on request

About Heather

Heather Donaldson, head therapist and owner, is a skilled, compassionate, and dedicated healer. She brings a unique and diverse expertise to holistic practice with degrees and certificates in education, health promotion, nutrition, massage, shiatsu, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and tai chi. Heather currently offers individual sessions and workshops addressing the mind-body through shiatsu, massage, and EFT. Heather’s personal vision is to connect powerfully with clients, helping them to challenge current patterns and belief systems that no longer serve them, and co-create new ones that serve them better.She has always been drawn to all things “natural” and strives to live an ideal of balancing work and leisure.


Heather advocates “Re Time” meaning time to Relax, Restore, and Rebalance. Intuitively, many agree with the insanity of all work and no time to enjoy life. Yet the work ethic from our ancestors still predominates, along with the fear of not enough, and the attitude that one must struggle through life just to make ends meet until life ends. Heather’s more positive outlook is to simply live and enjoy life, including healthy activity and exchanges of goods and services, relaxed in the knowledge that there is enough for all. Who could argue with this? Most of us do, in fact, resist this easeful life. EFT addresses the conflicting and often sub-conscious beliefs and emotions which create barriers to enjoying a life of abundance, peace and love, with less pain and struggle.

Living in the natural beauty of the Sea to Sky Corridor, Heather is able to achieve her vision. She enjoys swimming, biking, hiking, skiing, and tai chi in the magnificent outdoors, eating local organic produce and connecting with like-minded co-creators.